As They Fade

On the morning of March 26th, roughly 100 families were forcibly evicted by police from an abandoned lot in downtown Rio. Again homeless, they decided to sleep on the steps of city hall and demand their grievances be heard. Many were escaping the undeclared war between police and drug gangs. Some were crushed by soaring rent stemming from Olympic makeovers in their communities. Others still were simply unemployed and unemployable due to a sagging economy. As days passed, the echoes of their discontent landed on the deaf ears of a bureaucratic and incompetent local government. Unsurprisingly, no official action was taken to address their grievances. They eventually left their makeshift camp by city hall one-by-one. On April 6th, the remaining dozen or so families that hadn’t left earlier decided to abandon ship. Many of them found temporary housing in shelters, a friend’s house or other clandestine occupations thought out the city. Their improvised war of attrition with local authorities is lost and their grievances continue unanswered.