Scenes Unseen

Some images from recent days, one scene from David Allen Harveys' book opening, Beach Games. Another from Transexual awareness day in Rio, Jan 29th.

Skate Life

Jefferson de Morais, 20, aka "Jeffinho do Skate", used to be homeless but thanks to his hard work and dedication, he now makes enough money from skateboarding sponsorships to support himself. "I have so many stories to tell and I'm only 20", he said jokingly. 


I've always had an inexplicable admiration for landscapes and those that are great at it. Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro 01-24-2015. Seascape at Ipanema on 01-21-2015.

São Sebastião

Residents of Barreto in the city of Niteroi, a suburb of Rio, celebrate the feast of St. Sebastian. 05-21-2015. 

Also a test shot on the new d750 of my cat, for science.

Waiting for Tomorrow

On October 31st, several homeless families and the local leadership of the MTST (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem-Teto) occupied an abandoned lot in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. They use occupation as a political strategy to force dialogue with local and state governments over the crippling housing crisis. By November 10th, the number of families swelled to over 700, and on the night of November 12th, the city government was forced to offer a solution. What comes with having a piece of land to call your own is the promise of a better future; a future still uncertain.

Childs Play

Kids play at favela Santa Marta in Rio de Janeiro, 10-23-2014.

This was technical test for for trap focus with magic lantern and the 5diii. Trap focus is something I wish was standard on all DSLR's. Basically it means than when in manual focus, the shutter automatically goes off if the subject is in focus.

I still need to tweak the settings a bit but it certainly makes manual focus lenses more usable. Overall though I'm still not confident in taking it out for a serious assignment. 

Gay Evangelicals in Brazil

Article by Beth Beth McLoughlin for The Guardian

From the outside, there is little to distinguish the Metropolitan community church from the many other evangelical houses of worship in Rio’s Zona Norte. But as Marcos Lord prepares for an evening sermon, it soon becomes clear that this church is not like the others.

It takes the pastor about an hour to prepare for the pulpit: donning false eyelashes, a wig and a pair of vertiginous heels to transform himself into the drag queen Luandha Perón.

In a country where evangelical Christians have become increasingly influential – and outspoken in their homophobia – the church is unusual in providing a space for gay, bisexual and transsexual believers.

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